Transcription & Scripting Services

Binder Productions has transcribed hundreds of TV ads, episodes and features, as well as thousands of hours of hours of research, focus groups, meetings and personal notes. Your material always be transcribed on time, on budget, with accuracy and complete confidentiality.

You provide the footage, and let us do the rest. We take your raw recordings (audio or video) and transcribe them verbatim into the format of your choosing. With our scripting services, we can provide dialogue or continuity scripts in a variety of formats to suit your needs:

  • Basic Dialogue Listing – Identifying the speaker and providing accurate dialogue with a time code stamp for easy reference, and to open up your project to foreign language translation.
  • Continuity Scripts – In addition to basic dialogue, a media script gives the complete action, scene breakdown, on screen text, etc. in detail and in the order in which they are shown on the screen. It also includes other features, such as sound effects, actors’ accents, emotions, and others as required for your project.
  • Custom Scripting Services – We are here to help you get your project to wherever you want it to go, so contact us and we can help determine what is required for your needs.