FAQs – Captions and Subtitles

How long does it take to create captions or subtitles?

This depends entirely on the length and complexity of your creative. A 15 second commercial can be prepared, embedded and delivered within an hour or two, if need be. A full length feature can take a day up to a few days. The more time we have to dedicate to a project, the more opportunity [...]

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Do I need to provide a transcript in order to procure captions or subtitles?

No, and it is typically easier if we transcribe to text ourselves as this gives us the ability to format the script to our requirements in order to prepare captions or subtitles, saving time and possible issues. If there is already a transcript available, we can work with you to ensure a workflow that works [...]

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What is captioning and subtitling and how are they different?

Captioning is the on screen transcription of the audio portion of a commercial, television program, film, music video, or any other on screen program, of any relevant audio i.e. speech, sound effects, music, speaker identifiers, etc. Captioning is used when programming sound is inaudible (muted or when background noise is present), or if a viewer [...]

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