Closed Captioning and Delivery

Commercial Spots:

Closed Captioning and Broadcast Preparation:

Through our 10 years of experience in the local industry, we have modelled our services around how best to help our clients prepare their commercial spots for delivery by providing a full range of services. We continually strive to keep things simple by including the following services in our commercial preparation service for one low price* in an effort to avoid add-on and other surprise charges:

  • Closed Captioning (up to 60 Seconds)
  • Slate Creation (with client provided information)
  • ISCI/Ad ID Generation
  • Telecaster Submission for final approval
  • Video Encoding to broadcaster/distributor specifications maintaining highest quality
  • High speed transfer to client


*optional services available upon request. Prices vary depending on total run time up to and including 60 second commercial spots.

Closed Captioning

Music Videos:

Closed Captioning and Digital Delivery:

Part of our mission is to assist aspiring artists get their creatives to the broadest audience possible, as efficiently as possible. We provide an affordable, simple, step-by-step solution making final preparation and delivery of your music video(s) – to CMT, Much Music, MTV or countless others – a breeze. We continually strive to keep things simple by including the following services in our music video preparation and delivery service and offer flat rate pricing based on delivery location(s):

  • Closed Captioning
  • Slate Creation (with client provided information)
  • Video Encoding to delivery specification
  • Release creation and submission
  • Online form completion
  • Digital Delivery

Television Programs and Feature Films

Closed Captioning, Subtitling and Delivery:

We provided closed captioning for numerous local television and film producers and always offer the highest quality closed captioning for the best price while strictly adhering to all guidelines set forth by the CRTC. We use top of the line software developed for embedding captions into multiple video formats and codecs. This provides us the availability to offer affordable value added options that include:

  • Multiple Closed Caption output formats (ex: .scc, .mcc, .ult)
  • Multi-language translation spreadsheets for Closed Captioning
  • Translation into multiple languages (Just ask!)
  • Time coded transcripts